Our BPO Assistants team can assist you with BPO/CMA’s Outsourcing. We have very good knowledge of Broker price opinions and understand how important a BPO is for a client, customer, and you. All the BPO’s processed by us are carefully checked and are sent to the client for final review.

Broker Price Opinion Companies look for quick turnaround time with quality BPO’s submitted to them. If you are one of the realtors who is sending quality BPO’s with less turnaround time, then you will be receiving more and more BPO’s from them. By outsourcing BPO research and data entry you can save time and increase your business.

BPO Data Entry: In BPO Data entry we input subject and comparable information in the form. We also complete neighborhood information & place appropriate comments comparing the subject and comparables. Once Data entry is completed we upload the sold and list comparable photos to the BPO orders. The final report is sent for your review. The compensation is $4 per order.

The turn around time is within 6-12 hrs.

We will need tax records for the subject information, MLS sheets for the comparable information, and BPO company login information.

 BPO Research & Data Entry: We pull comps based on BPO standard guidelines (BPOSG) and complete the BPO.

The compensation is $8 per order.

The turn around time is within 6-12 hrs.

We require MLS Assistant login information and BPO company login information.

We are familiar with all the BPO companies forms and will complete  BPO/CMA reports with the highest accuracy and quality. Turn around time for each BPO is within 12 hrs.

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