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BPO Processors.com offers a wide range of services in the field of Real Estate and Mortgage processes. We have a team of 30 members who have an good knowledge on US Real Estate and can assure you the quality of jobs performed.

We offer continuous improvement in combining business domain expertise and process skills by understanding the clients real requirements using web-enabled work force to achieve the highest quality output within a given time frame.

The services that we render are derived from a highly motivated team of experts who believe in team work and strive for perfection. We seek opportunities to deliver better than what is expected by providing the clients with tailor-made solutions. We appreciate the valuable inputs of the clients and understand their requirements. We maintain stringent security processes to maintain confidentiality of information and data we receive from our clients.

BPO Team consists of employees who have worked with FARVV and Ocwen. So my team knows the exactly how to deliver orders with good quality.

About us

Outsource Real Estate Jobs to increase you business

1 Search BPO Processors LLP is a company based in Bangalore offering a wide range of services in the field of Real Estate and Mortgage services. We have a good knowledge in US Real Estate and can assure you the quality of the jobs performed. Please email us for a sample BPO to be completed so that you can see the quality of the BPO. All BPO's completed will be within your standard guidelines.

Real Estate Services:
  • Data Entry & Research for comps and subject (BPO/CMA).
  • Title Search for properties.
  • Tax Certification/Search.
  • Siging your company profile to more than 100+ Asset companies and BPO companies
  • HUD Closing statement
  • Updating property information to real estate websites.

BPO Data Entry

We can assist you with Quality BPO/CMA's. We have good knowledge in Broker price opinions and understand how important BPO is for a client, customer and you. Hence all the BPO's processed by us are carefully checked and are sent to the client for final review.

 "Broker Price Opinion Companies look for a quick turnaround time and a good quality BPO's sent to them." If you are one of the realtors who is sending quality BPO's with less turnaround time, then you will be receiving more and more BPO's from them. By outsourcing BPO research and data entry you can save time and increase your business.

 BPO Data Entry: In BPO   Data entry we input subject information and comparable information in the form. We also complete neighborhood information &place   appropriate comments comparing subject and comparables. Once Data entry is completed we upload sold and list comparable photos to the BPO order. Once   everything is done then we send the final report for your review. For this the fees   we charge per order is $4. For   this service the turn around time is within 6-12 hrs. In this service we will need tax records   for the subject information, MLS sheets for the comparable information and BPO company login information.

  BPO Research & Data Entry: In BPO Research & Data Entry we pull comps based on BPO standard guidelines (BPOSG). Once similar   comparables are found and selected for the BPO, the same is inputted in the BPO form and comparable photos are uploaded to the   BPO. Once everything is completed we send a email confirmation to the client for final review and submission. If there are   any changes to the comparables or the value provided by us then we change it immediately to client specifications. For this   the fees we charge per order is $8. For this service the turn around time is within 8-16 hrs.   In this service we require MLS login information and BPO company login information.

Our approach towards research (Pulling Sold & Active Comparables): 

  • Subject information will be obtained from tax records.
  • Read the client instructions in the order.
  • Check if the subject is listed in the market for sale, listed in the past 12 monhts or sold in the past 12 months.
  • Search for similar comps sold and active in the subject neighbourhood.
  • Place in comparable or MLS comments for subject and comps in the BPO.
  • Upload the subject and comparable photos.
  • Quality check the order before sending it to clients.

Comparable selection process:

ProximityStart the search using 0.25 miles from the subject. Maximum   proximity expanded for urban location is 1 mile and for suburban location it is 3 miles. For rural properties if the search is   expanded to more than 5 miles then a detailed explanation will be provided.

GLA/Sq.ft.: Comparable's are selected within +/- 15% of the subject GLA.

Year Built: Comparable's are selected within +/- 5 years, if no comps are similar then we expand to 10 years, 20 years and 30 years.

Lot size: Comparable's are selected that are equal in lot size to the subject. If the subject lotsize is huge then we will try to bracket the lot size.

Room Counts: Similar room counts will be preferred, if not +/- 1 room count comps are selected and made a detailed explanation.

Location/View: If the subject is water front then all the comps selected for the BPO will be water front.

Sale Date: Prefered sold comps is within 3 months if no comparables are found then 6 months, 9 months or 12 months.

Check if the subject is listed in the market and if yes save the MLS sheet which will be attached to the order. Check for subject information and Neighbourhood market and   update the same in the order.

We are familiar with all the BPO companies forms and will complete BPO/CMA with   highest accuracy and quality. Turn around time for each BPO is within 12 hrs.


Registering your company profile to more than 100+ Asset & BPO companies

  • Increase your business by registering with 100 + BPO and Asset management companies. 

  • Many BPO/REO companies are searching for licensed brokers and real estate agents for broker price opinions/ Cma's/ Appraisal and to list REO properties. We will register you with more than 100+ Broker price opinion companies and Asset management companies. 

  • What we do :
  • Fill Out Online BPO/REO Application Form.
  • Download the application forms and fill all the information required.
  • Upload all the documents required by the BPO/ REO Company.
  • Few companies require us to email the Resume and Documents, We email all the companies with your documents and a copy of resume.
  • Update all the zip codes
  • Please note:
    Registering with BPO/REO companies does not mean you will receive BPO's and REO's from all the companies. Once we register you with the companies, the BPO/REO companies review your application and then approve your account. Once account gets activated you will receive BPO's.
    How to increase the chances of getting approved by most of the BPO/REO Companies?
  • Valid Real estate license.
  • Impressive Profile( years of experience, BPO's completed, No. of listings and sales.)
  • References: Please provide references of people working in lending and BPO companies.
  • Service Area(Number of Zip Codes or Miles covered).
  • Fill the application form for all the companies completely and with accurate information.
  • Once registered with the companies we will send you detailed report of all the companies that we have registered you with and also provide you the status of your profile with them.
    Turn Around Time for the job completion is 36-60 hrs.

    30+ Companies
    60+ Companies
    100+ Companies
    BPO Companies 20+
    Asset Management Companies 10+
    Price in US Dollars








    Once we receive the payment from you, one of our account management team will be contacting you for information required during the registration process.

    Documents required at the time of registration are as follows:

    1. Real Estate License copy
    2. Copy of E&O Insurance
    3. Copy of W9.
    4. Copy of Resume (doc file is preferred)
    5. Email Format: Most of the companies request the applications to be sent through email, so please provide the content as how you would prefer us to send emails to Banks. Email Id would be created and password would be sent for you to review.
    6. Zip Codes ( You can provide or we will pull 30 miles zip codes from your office location.
    7. We would also need the email access so that all the verification emails are verified and to send emails to the BPO companies. If you do not want to provide us with the email access then we would create a new mail and use it for registration. Once registered you can change the email address.


    How to Increase volume of BPO's Handled?

  • Quick Turn Around Time: Always see to it that all the BPO's assigned to you are completed ASAP maximum 36 hrs. Any delays with the BPO, inform the account manager that the BPO is getting delayed for a reason.
  • Quality of the BPO: Avoid corrections from the BPO company.
  • Service area coverage: The more the zip codes you cover the more the BPO you get.
  • BPO Companies broadcasts all the orders and depends on how many you accept.
  • Feel free to contact us